Circus Podcast #17 – The Marx Trukker

Circus Podcast #17 The Marx Trukker


Welcome with us, for this very special release, an old friend from the earliest days of the Circus. For the first time in this podcast series, despite having catched some live DJ sets already, we are proud to bring to you today a live recording from The Marx Trukker‘s performance at Spreeacker’s Walpurgisnacht earlier this year.




After months of keeping this piece in the backlog, the current autumny-summerish times suit best to finish a season that had already been begun by this impressive peace of improvised Ambient Electronica. Having promoted his music at Circus Features over the last four years, The Marx Trukker has become a steady support to the Circus Soundscape. Not embarrassed, always free in the choice of styles, from Hard Tek in the beginnings to Ambient lately, we would always have to find new approaches to access these strictly self-produced musical gems.

So now lean back, take two hours of unhesitating sonic adoration, as we did back then, and join us in the acoustic deceleration of times during the forthcoming seasons.


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the marx trukker at work

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