Circus Podcast #8 – Joonipah



Fresh year, fresh beats!

Let’s celebrate the start of 2013 with a blast of a podcast, delivered by Newcastle’s finest and most talented DJ Johnny Phethean a.k.a. Joonipah. But hey, even if you still can’t call him a “twenty-something”, beware of calling him a “rookie”. ‘Cause he’s not. Joonipah spinned his beats alongside the likes of Mosca, Dark Sky, Arkist, Appleblim, The Scratch Perverts and many more. Since he’s producing and releasing his tracks on labels such as Triptik Music or Nixwax, there’s no doubt that this nice redhead’s tracks will get huge support by the DJ-family in 2013. Don’t miss to check out his “Trap Door EP”, that dropped last year showing his amazing skills on the buttons while crossing the genre boarders between techy, disco-flavoured and bass-adoring beats. And this is what his podcast contribution is all about, too! We are happy and – to be honest – also a little bit proud to have him mixed the eighth episode of our podcast series. Ladies and Gent’s, lean back, turn on your subwoofer and enjoy this forward thinking masterpiece of Bass/House/Garage Music.

FaltyDL – Straight & Arrow (Four Tet remix)
Erdbeerschnitzel – Separate Spaces
Maurice Donovan – Call My Name
Tom Burford – Backlatch
Dense & Pika – Buttplug
Citizen – Vanity
Kevin McPhee – In Circles
Nisse Nilson – I Need It
Hutyluty – 0.01 Grams (Joonipah’s ‘straight edge’ mix)
Huxley – Shower Scene
Hot City – No More
Mickey Pearce – Socks Off
Joonipah – Noti (v1)
Tony Quattro – Out On The Floor
Werkha – Cube & Puzzle


Listen to this podcast and follow us at Mixcloud:

Circus Podcast 08 – Joonipah by Circushomonovus on Mixcloud

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