13 03 2015 : conspiracy dub sessions


23:59 Uhr—YAAM


Ouaiche! For the second conspiracy we look forward to a night dedicated to one of the most vibrant scenes and styles in the universe of Dub – French Dub. We are proud to present extraordinarily honorable representatives of that style as well as some berlin french Dubbers uniting themselves in order to create a one-of-a-kind night of clandestine sounds. C’est parti!


Line Up

Dubble Dubble
Serendubity Allstars
< Jimi Handtrix < O-Ton < Dubfish CHN Dub System < almereyda < Dub Peteph

about the artists


Since the release of the first albums “Don’t Stop Dub” and “Alert” in 2005 and 2006, Kanka is considered a pioneer of the french wave of Steppa Dub. The production of three more albums since plus excessive touring turned Kanka into a highly-wanted and respected french Dub veteran. We are more than happy to announce the first ever show in Berlin, so disconnect yourself and come out to flash with us inna Steppa Style!

►►► http://www.hammerbass.fr/kanka

Dubble Dubble (Berlin / FR)

Creative workaholic and part of not less well appreciated projects then Braintheft or Brass Wood & Wires, he also helped to introduce Bassfuck party series to berlin event calendars. Oh, he also produces complex flavoured own music to make our heads nod. Having played at major clubs and festivals all over the place, Dubble Dubble will set up the night and cleanse our ears whilst opening to us – or making us remember some of his own work as well as versions of masterpieces in french dub.

Psy4Dub (Berlin / FR)

Musically active for more than 20 years and mastering about 10 instruments in a band of Reggae-Dub-Ska-Tribal as well as having mixed for years in Europe and Asia, Psy4Dub is a musical treasure yet to discover. From laid-back beats to energetic psytrance he feels home in all the spheres of psychedelic influenced electronic music. For the climax of this special night he will take us on a journey through his marvelous perceptions of French Dub – only to throw in some Didgeridoo, Jawharp & Percussion interventions – and maybe add some other special ingredients.

Serendubity Allstars

All money we raise with this night will go to Serendubity Crew in order to financially help building up that marvelous festival again. Full support. No profit, just culture. Serendubity Allstars Jimi Handtrix, O-Ton & Dubfish will come around and showcase the festivals’ broad musical scope.

►►► http://serendubity.com

Jimi Handtrix

World-travelling earthling Jimi Handtrix spreads good energy wherever he steps. The charmingly vivid offspring of Berlin’s Jungle movement returns after half a year in distant places to provide us with exclusive upbeat skanks. Welcome back in town!


O-Ton believes that actions speak louder than words. Riding on sub bass waves from Cairo to Berlin he does not need much of an introduction. His meditative & deep flow and proven excellent mixing technique turned him into an often requested Berlin bass music deputy.


Dub music in Berlin is highly connected to activities run and supported by Dubfish – from the early start in the nineties. Legendary Dubwohnzimmer would have not been the same without him. Peacetime Sound, as always.

►►► http://peacetimesound.berlin/

CHN Dub System AKA Walking Wales AKA almereyda & Dub Peteph

French-addicted berlin born dubheads almereyda & Dub Peteph will join for one of their rare kamikaze interventionist dub performances with no rules, no mercy and a lot of fun. Dub against the boredom of law. The only thing left to do is to dance.

Visuals by *missbeetle

*missbeetle @ Conspiracy Dub Sessions #1 Future Roots from *missbeetle on Vimeo.


Dub—Steppa—French Dub
13.03.2015  – 23:59
Yaam An der Schillingbrücke, F’hain

Kommt vorbei, wenn die Verschwörung im Yaam weitergeht…


_ French Floor
o – 2 Dubble Dubble
2 – 3:3o Kanka
3:3o – end Psy4Dub
_ Untenrum Floor
1 – 2:3o Dubfish
2:3o – 4 O-Ton
4 – 5:3o Jimi Handtrix
5:3o – end almereyda VS Dub Peteph

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as usual:


  • Das CMAG#2 – Verhältnisse & Zustände wird auch mit von der Partie sein und steht euch gegen Spende (~3 €) zum Nachhausetragen und als Klolektüre zur Verfügung.
  • Luft & Obst, bien sûr!
  • Geheime Spirenzien, über die noch nicht geredet werden darf. *pssst*
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