Circus Podcast #20 – Morning High

circus podcast #20 - morning high (jan 2014)


With the 20th episode, one could assume that our podcast series has grown up. But not in this typical 21st century story, where the flickering of networks, the power of small ties and the serendipity of intentionless clicking will build up our musical spheres as well as, in the end, our taste. How did you come here? Fine. This is how I heard of Morning High for the first time: there was a song on my stream in Soundcloud.

It is absolutely impossible to recall how the song got there. How I got there. How soundcloud got there. However, the song pleased me with its wavey sinths, complex beat structures, a whole lot of echos, soft and sensually repetitive voices and the time it took itself to develop. I eventually felt that some years earlier a new era for unknown producers that probably popped up everywhere on this planet had begun, virtually impossible to do what must have been normal in music business throughout modern times: some mainstream media defines a style and crowns its king. It is post-genre time. Most nowaday tracks happily oscillate between not less then dubstep, jungle, house, downbeat, hip hop and what not. Luckily the song was part of a free netlabel compilation I instantly downloaded and listened through. Most of its content left me unimpressed, but there was this one song, “Can’t believe” by Morning High. Both names sounded promising and so was the track, the second discover on that day. Now I can’t believe, that not even one year later this stunning producer from Atlanta contributed a podcast for us. Sometimes you just have to ask. The world is full of possibilities. As long as you ask. And accept whatever the answer might be.
Anyway, Morning High is mostly producing futuristic flowy beat conglomerates, but he also remixed songs from Four Tet, Actress and Bonobo, just to name a few. He also runs a label, Zip Sound Recordings, which just came out with their first CD for the new year. For me, the most exciting part about a starting year is when I listen to the first songs or albums that officially came out. So this is how 2014 will sound? I hope so. Morning High’s style is advanced, still his music doesn’t seem to be willing to become too much of an adult. So does our podcast. Trying to grow a beard, yet climbing on trees to enjoy the view.


Morning High – Surrender
Morning High & Kiene – Alone (Dub) [Forthcoming Thought Render]
Atnos – Arnica [4D Xmas LP]
Vax – New Girl [Forthcoming Heavyweight Tunes]
Okubi – Illusions [Zip Sound Recordings CD01]
El Jeffe – Dreams [Exclusive]
Morning High & Atnos – In Spirit [Zip Sound Recordings CD01]
Vax & Organik – Orb Weaver [Zip Sound Recordings CD01]
Sigha & Spherix – Separation [Immerse Records 014]
Morning High – Irreversible [Forthcoming Thought Render]
Morning High & Vax – Detachment [Keep Deep 003]
Dj Enme – India [Keep Deep 003]
Black Sun Empire & Noisia – Hideous (Fabricator Remix)
Burning – Inasound Ft Sarah Zad [Keep Deep 003]
El Jeffe – Experiments In Space [Zip Sound Recordings CD01]
Burial – Rival Dealer [Hyperdub 080]

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