totentanz gruftsession

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Since we’re referring to a more and more open as well as global perspective, our aim can only be to widen our audience by using the world’s first foreign language : English.
Not in the way that we understand our goal in seeking the ‘real’ English, but always acknowledging the fact that languages are transitory. As there could never be any ‘genuine’ language. Aren’t we all inventing it in a recurring manner?

zeugelectricsheep.orggeräteplattentaschendeckeldach Ideckeldach II

It’s been this day, the seventeenth. We were summoning up the ghosts. And wondered when they answered. Couldn’t we expect that? You cannot play with a match and be astonished if something catches a fire. A fire full of riddles and crises, moments of agony and choices. Contesting our luck and winning at least the half. Not remaining in the extremes, but constantly pushing our curiosity.

getränkeleute auf der treppeleuchtdiaboloflieg Iflieg IIellepakretaeht

Our four shamans did well in opening the secret doors (in our hearts) to the unknown land. Where our ancestors strive, since their delightful ends. Who are caring and questionning our everyday efforts. To trick us into new experiences.

und sonst sopfeil Ipfeil IIfeuer Idraußenes leuchtet?

Wherever we might stroll, wherever we might lie down, there’s something inside ourselves that keeps us upright, dignified. Searching our innerst animistic drives, just reflecting our supersticious loss, we’re recreating the ritualistic performance in every night that we devote to the god of music.

This is where we heal our hearts.

auffüllengesichtfeuer IIfeuer IIIfeuer IVfeuer V

All hail to the Powercon!

See the rest of our circus totentanz on flickr.
Or the original invitation on this site.

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