circus newsletter #8 – enhanced version

circus homo novus newsletter 8 : –zur unterstützung unseres altehrwürdigen musikgroßmeisters don garlic und dem keller des grauens der theaterkapelle eine veranstaltungsempfehlung für den kom menden, partyarmen freitag : Don Garlic presents Fr. 21.12.2012 23:00 theaterkapelle/Keller Endlich wieder Weltuntergang… Live: MEGATRON KOLLEKTIV >> noise drone performance Dj: DON GARLIC >> dub drum´n´bass electronica Optics: Heimatfilme, […]

Circus Podcast #7 – Moritz Jacobs

[Download] Oh-oh! Heads up, cause we’re droppin’ some shit! Oh-oh… Die siebte Session serviert uns Moritz Jacobs, freischaffender Multimedia-Designer, musikliebhabender Technosoph und laid-back DJ aus Augsburg. Sicher wird sein Podcast all diejenigen begeistern, die ihre musikalische Sozialisation mit HipHop verbracht haben — und noch heute wissend lächeln und anfangen mit dem Kopf zu nicken, wenn das […]

Circus Podcast #6 – Dr. Nojoke

[Download] a freezing night in friedrichshain. people came, you do know why. the lift off, the start. dr.nojoke clear & hard. ever repercussioning experimental glitches of noise and classic. find your winter warmheartedness inbetween. your dedication to an unconventional christmas. play out loud!

The good old days: the early twenty-tens

After one day of reflection, every aching muscle is telling me that this was one night of my life. The type of night to tell your grandkids about. Obviously I have difficulties picturing what kind of music they will listen to. Can you imagine all those popping up post-genre dubstep derivates or even IDM, glitch, […]

totentanz gruftsession

Soundtrack for this one : Since we’re referring to a more and more open as well as global perspective, our aim can only be to widen our audience by using the world’s first foreign language : English. Not in the way that we understand our goal in seeking the ‘real’ English, but always acknowledging the […]

circus newsletter #7 2012

circus magazin 02 | aufruf

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circus magazin #1. (2011) web edition.

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15 11 | Novembervokü im Treptopolis


circus newsletter #6 2012


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